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We want more followers, friends, likes, snaps, taps, and everything in between.

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Tinder is more successful when it is filled with attractive single people, and generally speaking, the younger you are the more likely you are to be a potential Tinder user.There is an undercurrent of exclusion there that may make some people uncomfortable, but it’s par for the course in many dating apps.As you might expect, some users who are running into the right swipe limiter (internally called Bouncer) are outraged by the change.Some people have grown accustomed to using Tinder in a specific way.I, myself, have had people hand over their phone — “swipe for me for a while,” they say — as though the act of judging other humans, with another human, is a cherished pasttime.

And if we put anecdotal behavior stuff aside, we can point to the obvious truth: The actual of Tinder is based around a deck of cards. Users want to swipe more because that is the game of Tinder, but the match is the equivalent of a turbo-charged Like on another social network.

But if the service remains effective, people will get over that. Moreso than a flexible income, Tinder jacks up the price of 30 or older users because the success of many social networks is dependent not necessarily on the size of the crowd, but the density at which a certain demographic engages with the service.

Rad calls it “protecting the integrity of the community,” but we can be more blunt about it than he can.

According to a blog post from Tinder, the company has seen “a small number of users who only swipe right just to see who likes them back.” They won’t say what percentage of users have displayed this behavior, or how that percentage has decreased or increased over time.

But the company indicates that the right swipe limiter is working.

This is the behavior that Tinder would like to ‘correct’. Though the dating app lists under the Lifestyle section instead of the Social section of the App Store, I think the generation of users that are active on Tinder see it as yet another social network built for dating, like Twitter is with public sharing or Facebook is with keeping track of friends or Instagram is for sharing photos.