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On specific days you can get rentals, lift tickets and a lesson for just .

You receive one-on-one undivided attention from your instructor or can have a private Snow Pro for your family or group.If you’ve Never Ever skied or snowboarded before, join us for a lesson in the Okanagan, BC for Never Ever Days.Snow Hill Elementary Wednesday was about reading that rocks. They might just leave an empty space for Seuss at the table.Second grader Savannah Wertz wore mismatched shoes and socks. Get acquainted with your gear and then take it to the bunny hill and beyond. The cost is less than purchasing a lift ticket and equipment rentals and you get the lesson as well.

If you want to experience skiing or snowboarding for the first time, our Discover Package is an affordable and accommodating way. For people who have been skiing or riding once or twice, our Snow Pros will help you to take your skills to the next level.Don’t worry, there are different options for everyone from beginner to more advanced!You will find those options as you continue from the lesson to program or camp.Just select your age range and we’ll take it from there!If you've never experienced the beauty or serenity of hiking in freshly fallen snow, you're in for an adventurous treat. Snowshoes allow you to travel across snow-covered ground without sinking or struggling.This flotation allows you to hike, climb or even run.