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You might just be surprised that you can connect with all kinds of people when you leave your expectations at the door.

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Although I have not been speed-dating myself, organizing and witnessing speed-dating led to some interesting observations and reinforced some trends about courtship.For the uninitiated, this is how Housing Works' speed-dating works: 35 or so women and 35 or so men sign up for the event, and we set them up based on age and literary interest.First dates can be stressful enough as is and you want to keep your attention on your dates, so wear something flattering that makes you feel attractive and confident.While it’s normal to have expectations, try going into this experience with an open mind.Don’t forget to keep an eye on our next eharmony LIVE singles mingle or speed dating event on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

And in the meantime, why not to sign up to eharmony today and review your matches for free!To make the most of your mini speed dates, come prepared with questions that scratch below the surface like “What’s your most recent embarrassing experience?” or “Tell me about one of your happiest childhood memories”.After time is up, you're on to the next person in line. In the course of the evening, you will meet everyone at the event (or in some cases, where there are many participants, you will meet everyone in your particular age category.)Speed dating is an event that every single person owes it to themselves to try out at least once!If you don't you may miss out on meeting the person of your dreams, or at least meeting a few good friends that you would not have met otherwise.If you get stuck at a table with one, just cover your throat with your hand and politely tell the zombie that you need to go to the bathroom, then run! I am sure that there is another zombie made for you!