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" you're shaking in your boots from fear of competition and being found out as less than perfect. It seems that if you let folks think you like them too much, that would be giving them power.

You'd rather be in control by creating a story that seems plausible, gets them off your back, and makes reality look better from your viewpoint.12.

Whether you set yourself up to be a self-sabotaging failure — "Why do you have such unrealistic expectations of me? Supposedly forgetting to do what you've agreed to do is simply demonstrating your lack of trustworthiness. You won't even say when it will be — or even might be — done.11. You're the master of avoidance of the straight answer.

Truth is, you may be exhibiting passive-aggressive behaviors that totally confuse people — and turn them off to you.In order to make these unseemly behavioral traits abundantly clear to you, I'm offering you a very straightforward list of passive-aggressive examples.You constantly protect yourself so no one will know how afraid you are of being inadequate, imperfect, left, dependent or simply human.Seriously take a while to ponder your own behavior, and if any of these traits describe you as you usually are, take notice.As far as Free Membership goes, we honestly have nothing to offer you.

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Well, do people think you're difficult to be around?

Do they not trust you or respect you they way you wish they would?

You have lots of excuses why you haven't been able to get things done. It's amazingly unreasonable, but you do it even though it destroys relationship, damages careers, loses friendships and jobs. You complain that others are unreasonable and lacking in empathy when they expect you to live up to your promises, obligations, or duties.

And you tell others how justified you are in being angry because, once again, others treated you unfairly.6. Another way of controlling others is to send mixed messages, ones that leave the other person completely unclear about your thoughts, plans or intentions. Passive-aggressive women favor the silent treatment as an expression of their contempt.

All the while, you are afraid of being alone and want to control those around you so they won't leave you. Rather than taking responsibility for stepping up and speaking your truth, you set yourself up as the (innocent) victim.