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All REDCap data collection instruments can also be downloaded and printed with data entered as a universal PDF file.Q: Can I transition data collected in other applications (ex: MS Access or Excel) into REDCap?

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If trying to validate a VIN with a check digit, first either: (a) remove the check digit for the purpose of calculation; or (b) utilize the multiplicative property of zero in the weight to cancel it out.You should later compare the old value of the check-bit, with the new to ensure the VIN's validity.With the i Phone and i Pad, pinch/zoom works correctly on regular REDCap pages.There are two modes where pinch/zoom does not work.It is important to consider the planned statistical analysis before collecting any data.

A statistician can help assure that you are collecting the appropriate fields, in the appropriate format necessary to perform the needed analysis.

Q: How much experience with programming, networking and/or database construction is required to use REDCap?

No programming, networking or database experience is needed to use REDCap.

The following is a list of some of these capabilities.

Please contact your REDCap administrators if you would like changes made to any of your projects that require administrative REDCap privileges.

It displays a special format for data entry forms when these are accessed on mobile devices.