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Their first on-screen kiss was in ‘s pilot during a scene where the pair made out in a bar bathroom.

Although the 30-year-old says the regimen often left him in “agony,” it had lasting impact.

“I know that once it’s done there will be some big changes. I’ve been contractually obligated to have the same haircut for the last seven years,” Harding writes, recalling a conversation with a friend about the show’s end.

As the show airs its Spring Finale on March 24, celebrate the lovable costars off-screen. Harding is tricked into helping a tag artist’s team help set a graffiti record, and is caught by the fake police and questioned. When Bullett asked if he was mad, he said, “Oh, God.

No, actually, that was the thing, it came off really well, and I actually thought it was really cool.

Although we don’t know if Lucy Hale ever told Ian Harding about her crush, or if anything happened there… Not only do we get to hear about everybody’s on set crush, but we also find out which of the actresses made their assistant cry.

airs its final episode this spring, star Ian Harding will say goodbye forever to Ezra Fitz — and hello to the return of his body hair.On August 23, the ershared an adorable video of what happened when Ian tried Lucy’s iced soy latte with two Splendas.In April, Ian posted a throwback photo of he and Lucy, reminding us that these two have been goofing off behind-the-scenes since the beginning! co-stars Sasha Pieterse, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, and Troian Bellisario, answered a few "have or have not" questions, one of which included "Never have I ever had a crush on a cast member." While Mitchell and Benson admitted they were secretly yearning for Nolan North (a.k.a. ), it was Hale who revealed a shocking truth about her season 1 self.We’re always curious about the real-life dynamics between the stars, but there’s only so much one can glean from interviews and Twitter chatter...which is why it’s so helpful to get Marlene King’s insight.Lucy and Ian haven’t had as much opportunity for on-set shenanigans as of late, given that Aria has been exploring things with martial arts hottie, Jake. In a recent interview, Lucy admitted that Aria still loves Ezra.