Bsd updating ports collection

This process used to involve one very large SVN repository where vendors published not only their tool data and FMUs but the results of their attempts to import other vendor’s FMUs.

Needless to say, with all the large binary files and data files associated with this compliance checking process, the repository got to be very large.

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Martin Otter on March 23, 2018 (Chairman of the Modelica Association) The FMI project collects and publishes so-called “cross check” data.As part of this process, each vendor publishes data about their FMI compliant tools along with FMUs exported from those tools.This is changed now: If you would like to organize a Modelica Conference, please inspect the Modelica Conference series web page.If you have interesting news for the Modelica and FMI community, please follow the submission guidelines.The scripts that process the data were completely rewritten.

While the previous pages on the FMI web site were static HTML pages generated while processing the cross check data, the new process involves compiling all the cross check data into a machine readable form and then rendering it on the web site.Some of the changes since the previous version: Like the previous post you need the Slim DX June 2010 SDK or Runtime, and it is useful to have the Direct X SDK handy to try screenshots on their samples.The download already includes the Easy Hook binaries, but if you want to download them yourself you can find them at Code Plex here.Users can even bookmark specific search, filter and selection settings and/or email their results to others as a single URL.A preview of the new dynamic web site can be found at https://preview.Note: I believe that D3D9Ex (Vista shared surfaces – e.g. D3D 10 code: I have implemented two sample overlays for Direct3D 9 and 10.