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Dream researchers depend on study volunteers to tell them if, when, and what they dream -- and babies aren't quite up to the task.We do know, however, that adult dreaming occurs during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and that infants spend 50 percent of their snooze time in REM, which is almost twice as much time as adults spend."They gather information about their environment and are phenomenal at picking up patterns." Researchers like Dr.

His studies suggest that infants do favor one sex over the other -- namely, the gender of the person who's their primary caregiver, whether it's Mom or Dad."What's interesting is that the preference for one gender over the other appears to be learned from experience -- it's not preprogrammed," says Dr. The fact is, everything about your baby is growing rapidly -- after all, by the 5-month mark, she will double her birth weight. "You can't see the organs or the brain growing, but having to trim those little fingernails is a reassuring sign of good growth," says Margaret Hostetter, MD, chair of pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine."Young babies automatically experiment with their voice box," explains Dr. "In adults, the vocal cords and lips are working together to form words, but a baby isn't following these rules." Babies don't yet have the motor skills to coordinate sound with lip movement."Before 6 months, an American, Chinese, and French baby will all make the same spontaneous, universal sounds," says Dr. "After 6 months, imitation takes off, and babies from different countries will begin to move toward language-specific mouth movements and sounds."We wish we could tell you that the fierce, amazing love you feel for your precious newborn was mutual from the start, but that wouldn't be entirely honest.When your little one reaches 5 or 6 months, he should consistently respond to his name.

Until then, it may seem like Junior perks up whenever you call him, but he's probably not really picking up on his name."We suspect bad dreams don't happen until kids are 2 or 3 and have a better notion of being afraid and an active imagination that can conjure up boogeymen," says Dr. Hiccups are caused when the diaphragm, the respiratory muscle at the base of the chest, gets irritated and spasms.Since a baby's stomach and torso are small, it doesn't take much to fill his tummy to the brim and push it up into the diaphragm.Hammett’s public Facebook page now has nearly 180,000 followers.Hammett’s hijinks include changing her mother’s phone settings to autocorrect a word to “butt,” pretending to be in police custody — and stealing silverware as punishment for not delivering food.Is she even aware that she finds something you said or did funny? But that doesn't make her giggles any less precious."When a baby laughs, it's a positive thing -- she's enjoying herself," says Dr. Your baby's first laugh, which typically trills out before she's 4 months, is a sign of socialization -- she's picking up on the sounds and expressions you make when the two of you are having fun.