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This time, it was in her living room wall and the plug itself blew apart.

Only days ago, mother-of-two Julie Swift, of Bearsted, in Kent, was woken by a flash and a ‘bang’ from her mobile.

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But you don’t have to go to a foreign country to get a dodgy plug, you can get them here, or get them sent here.’Indeed you can.

While mains plugs for the i Phone cost £15 from the Apple store, add in a USB cable and you’re looking at another £15.

The blaze started in the living room and swept through the terrace home in Sheffield overnight on April 28, killing brothers Adyan Parwaiz Kayani, nine, and Amaan Parwaiz Kayani, seven, their baby sister Minahil, aunt Anum Parwaiz, 20, and grandmother Shabina Begum, 53.

While the chargers which are supplied with branded electronic goods are made to the highest standard and are no cause for concern, it’s cheap, unauthorised, ‘unbranded’ chargers — the type usually bought on the internet, from market stalls or abroad, rather than from reputable shops and suppliers — that can be hazardous.

In fact, when you call or text someone, the different individuals may see different caller IDs.

It is almost like owning multiple phone numbers or a phone number changer without having to pay for the phone numbers or signing a contract.Your identity is still protected and the other user will still communicate through your Phoner number except it is free for both parties if the other user is also a Phoner user. Although we allow you to use Phoner right away, you should still sign up or login.By signing up, you will be able to restore any data, purchases, credits and text/minutes balance if you lose your phone or switch to another phone.Hundreds of thousands of devices much like it are currently plugged into sockets in offices, children’s bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens around the country, powering up mobile phones — of which 30 million are sold in the UK each year.The incident, last November, has taken on a chilling significance since it emerged that a fire which claimed victims from three generations of one family last month, including a nine-week-old baby, was probably caused by a faulty charger.If the distance is less — as it was with nine out of ten chargers in a recent sample test — there is a very real risk of electric shock from skin contact.