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In another lesson we also show that the people in the last days symbolically run from Babylon the Great in the north to symbolically wait in the south for the Second Coming. Finally, Daniel describes the vision as the destruction of the continual, the people and the building. A direct reading of the text does not talk about a destruction of the sanctuary.

It is only as we look at the symbols that we see elements of the sanctuary under attack as Daniel also concluded. But the subject in Daniel 9 is based on the covenant.

As we demonstrated in the last lesson, the only part of the vision that was not explained was the time prophecy.

In Chapter 9, we see Gabriel returning and completing the explanation of the 2300 year prophecy.

Therefore, Satan defeats the forces of good until the sanctuary is restored.

This symbol continues with the destruction of the sanctuary through the conquest of the people, the continual, heaven and the ministry of Christ. In Daniel 8: 16 we see a symbol of the throne room of God with the river of life and the two covering cherubim.

The covenant is symbolized and memorialized in the sanctuary. It is a three sided structure enclosed on the North, South and West.

Notice that the ram is pushing in all these three directions (Daniel 8: 4).

At His death, Christ became the high priest of a sanctuary in heaven that could not be destroyed.

Papal Rome removed the knowledge of God and the ministry of Christ from the church and martyred the church.

Daniel is in distress according to Daniel 8: 26-27.

Although the vision was explained, he did not understand.

Since the sanctuary system was instituted to fulfill the covenant, it makes sense that the visions in both chapters is steeped in the covenant and its sanctuary. The enemies of God were attempting to destroy the sanctuary, the people and their Messiah Lamb.