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The IIS server responds with an HTTP 200 OK, returning the freshly changed (in IIS's mind) file along with a new ETag and a new Last-Modified date.

As an aside, Das Blog does a pretty good job in its RSS Syndication Code of programmatically managing If-Modified-Since behavior. NET's Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

For a dynamic language such as PHP, a byte-code cache can increase the performance significantly, because it guarantees a script is compiled only once.

With the default settings, whenever a PHP file is executed (for example through ) Opcache checks the last time it was modified on disk.Then it compares this time with the last time it cached the compilation of that script.Other, single-value app setting changes take effect immediately, it is only this serialized XML array that does not get picked up.This problem also affects OTHER MACHINES where the application is deployed.Whenever maximum memory consumption or maximum accelerated files is reached Opcache attempts to restart the cache.

However if the wasted memory inside opcache does not exceed the max_wasted_percentage, opcache will restart and every uncached script will be re-compiled every request as if there was no opcache extension available.

This sounds more than enough to store your PHP application scripts, but there are caveats: When Opcache is "full" under some circumstances it will wipe all cache entries and start over from an empty cache.

When this happens and your server gets large amounts of traffic, this can cause a thundering herd problem or cache slam: lots of requests simoultaneously generating the same cache entries.

I usually have to restart VS.2005 or restart my computer for the changes to be recognized.

I have tried both changing through the Settings tab of the Project Configuration and directly in the app.config.

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