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Being able to hear everyone's request is truly the highlight of my day, and it also has allowed me to find my 2 new favourite Christian bands: Skillet and The City Harmonic!

" - Ryan "Thank you for the ability to access CHRI online, since recently moving to St. I have been a faithful listener since 2009 and your programming has helped me immensely with my homesickness over these past few months.

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One was taking on the characters of Care and Dan and the other "was" Ashlyn and Brock. Thanks for being a good example to my kids." - Kristy "Thank you so much for being a part of every day of my life. I know each of you by voice so I'll be walking around heaven with my eyes closed for a bit." - Barbara "I find it is very important that my 3 year old son understands and knows that Jesus loves him with all his heart, and through your music, I know he is learning that every day. " - Allison "I am blessed to have my business advertised on CHRI.We've attracted Christians which brings a thankful, sincere clientele that makes it more rewarding to strive harder, offer more value, and complete the highest value effort possible.and we listen to Joyce as often as we're in the car at that time, so it's almost like going to church every day.." - Carol "Thank you for your contests!I am so grateful for these otherwise un-affordable opportunities!I can't demonstrate enough the value of CHRI's contribution in my life and my family." - Bill "I had been telling the Lord that it would be helpful in my life if there was a radio station that had music with a Christian message to help me day to day. Thanks." - Brenda "I want to say that I so love and appreciate your radio station.

I have been listening for years and CHRI has helped get me through some really rough times through different songs, Joyce Meyer, Focus On The Family etc." - Joanne "Wanted to let you know I so appreciate listening to Laugh Again in the mornings getting ready to start off my day! Thanks so much for all you do - true blessing to the community! My husband and I were able to go with another couple, that we got to bless because of your generosity!

May God bless you, your families, ministry and everything you put your hand to." - Joanne "[Care] I just wanted to say you have such a beautiful voice and personality!

I always love listening to you, your voice is both calming, relaxing and soothing.

" - Sheila (Facebook) "CHRI is doing such a wonderful work for the Lord, in our city!! You are all doing a wonderful job and it's always nice to see the cruisers Out & About at various events." - Marie "I myself am just starting to become comfortable getting back to communing with God again.

Now I can always turn CHRI on in the car going home...

CHRI is like family after all these years so I don't feel the least bit alone!