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im a very eccentric person who doesn't always fit in very well in the world. Im chill, cool and dont pressure anyone for anything.

i enjoy the outdoors, camping star gazing, meeting new people. any message i get i promise to answer if i'm interested or not.

Participants suggested Century Bowling, Chinook Bowling, and National for their top favourite places to bowl in Calgary.

Although National has a great atmosphere, don't plan on dropping in for your bowling date, as you need to book lanes weeks in advance.

Calgary has a number of pathways, parks, green spaces and interesting city streets that you can utilize for a romantic stroll with your current, potential, or soon-to-be significant other.

Walks are great because you can chat with your partner and get to know them better, while also getting some much-needed exercise.

For extra allure, go at night — both venues are lit up by a dim orange glow, which makes for a rather romantic evening.

Although not as popular as the other answers — The Shooting Edge, Calgary Climbing Centre and Speeders tied for fifth place overall, and are certainly some of the more creative locations for a date in Calgary.

The age-old trope is true — going for dinner and a movie are the top two things Calgarians like to do on dates.

However, it's time to get out of the classic dating scene, and try something new.

The top two suggestions for places to skate were Olympic Plaza and Prince's Island Park.