Mobile sex room chats Dating after 4 months

I told her I felt she was great, and that I was surprised and upset by this all.

As for keeping in touch, I told her I'd need some time to think about that and see how I feel before I could make a decision.

Ask her to get a quick drink this week and take a chance with the talk.2.

Wait it out for a few weeks, get back in touch, and try to let the "connection" she was talking about happen naturally by casually seeing her and having a good time (if she's up for this).Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this, and for any suggestions.However, a few nights ago, she viewed my online dating profile on the site we met on. I have a few friends that are insisting I should casually reach out to her next week and send a brief text or email asking if she has time for a quick drink.This was surprising to me, especially since she'll know I was able to see that she looked. They think I should tell her I know exactly where she was coming from, but to point out the reasons I thought caused this and to show the fact that I'm committed to doing anything to making things work, even if it means sacrificing some pride. We went out about 2-3 times per week and generally seemed to have a great time together.

We had so many things in common and a great physical connection.It was slightly more complicated in that when we met she had a boyfriend, but she wasn't happy and we really connected on all levels.She left him at the weekend, went to my place, but broke down the next morning because she missed him.They figure I have so much more to gain than to lose by trying.If I got a firm no, I'd definitely go NC from there.The Sunday before yesterday, she was on her way back from a weekend spent away (family commitment) and I got a text from her asking if I was free to meet for a talk the following night. As it turned out, I couldn't meet until the night after and we agreed to do that.