Dating and new york

Enjoy some flirty/competitive laser tag at NYC Paintball in Queens. Revisit childhood favorite board games while drinking adult beverages at East Village’s Common Ground.The Whiskey Brooklyn has a fun game room, complete with arcade games, photo booth and Foosball.Wander through the evening’s chosen borough — The Village is a great place if you love bistros, jazz clubs, and great art — and discover hole-in-the-wall gems you wouldn’t notice just driving through.

There’s no shortage of museums to visit, music to enjoy, or fashion to covet.

Enigma’s outdoor mystery theater will take you on a walking tour of historic Brooklyn Heights.

Take your date to new heights and dine above the city streets.

When the weather’s lovely, the Met opens its romantic rooftop garden café on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Magnet Theater offers free Intro to Improv classes.

BAFcaf in Brooklyn hosts free live jazz/world/R&B every weekend.

It’s literally a park built on a rail line elevated over the streets of Manhattan.

You walk from beginning to end, end to beginning, or even start in the middle.

In the end you’ll only have to answer one question: where do we get a pig?

Photo courtesy of Carl Tashian (Flickr) Background image via iakoubtchik on Flickr.

And, you can have a whole day of experiences without having to get back on the subway.