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And only 5% of women polled plan to ever return to seeing men their own age.

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Not every woman can look like Demi Moore or Courtney Cox Arquette in the show Cougar Town.Discourse in popular culture DOES affect the way we think and vice versa; and each of us CAN affect that discourse as well from our individual stations in society by the way we use it. I absolutely agree that the "cougar" moniker carries a negative connotation.He was a drunk, stole from her, and physically abused her; he tried to run Annie off a cliff to get the farm but she was wilier than him and ran him off with her shotgun.I'd guess none of the people in that report bear any resemblance to her in any way even if they think of themselves as cougars. Merely dating someone younger than you doesn't make you a cougar.It only takes less that 2 minutes and afterwards you will find a sugar daddy or sugar mamma looking for a sugar baby or a blesser looking for a blessee.

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