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At the opposite end are psychological responses to multiple, extended, and often highly invasive and traumatic events.

Having a family member physically strike you on multiple occasions belongs in this range. You must remember that when a person is overwhelmed by terror and helplessness, their ability to self activate is completely obliterated.

Trauma occurs when nothing you do can alleviate the outcome.Traumatic events interrupt our belief that we can control the outcome of our lives.Many people do not fully understand trauma and how it can affect children and adolescents who are traumatized in their own homes. The harm to a developing child is much more serious than to an adult.Adolescence is one of the worst times to expose a child’s brain to violence of any kind.We now know that the most powerful determinant of psychological harm is the severity of the traumatic event itself.

This new disorder goes beyond the traditional descriptions of post-traumatic stress disorder.

When neither resistance nor escape is possible, the human self-defense system becomes overwhelmed and disorganized.

We are immobilized and literally the problem solving parts of the brain shut down.

Worse then that, the behavior is legitimized by the rest of the family. The abuse is “crazy making” since the parent who has abused their authority is unapologetic, and the other family members blame you for the family turmoil.

Children in this situation commonly develop complex traumatic disorder as a result of the chronic cruelty.

The constriction reflects the numbing response of surrender.