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Waller discusses his early years with the CIA, which included being part of the team that opened a CIA station in Iran in 1947.

Discussion mainly surrounds the USSR’s contacts in the Middle East and how the CIA tried to mitigate the USSR’s power in places like Iran and Azerbaijan.

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Hall also outlines his three goals that he had in mind when he started in his role as NRO Director: getting the “financial house in order”, improving the NRO’s “bedside manner”, and preparing the NRO for a “post-Cold War world.”A transcript of speeches given by Tenet, then-Director of Central Intelligence, and Calder, then-Deputy Director for Administration, at a 2000 event honoring the CIA's Office of Communications.

In their speeches, Tenet and Calder pay tribute to the Office of Communication’s achievements since its creation in 1947.

A play-by-play of the national media firestorm that grew out of a 1996 article in the San Jose Mercury-News alleging that the CIA was behind a massive operation to sell cocaine in Los Angeles and use the profits to fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, and a description of the CIA’s public relations response.

An unpublished excerpt from a book by the the former Director of Intelligence (and later Secretary of Defense).

White, who rose to became CIA’s Deputy Director for Administration and Executive Director.

The piece marst the first in a series profiling a number of CIA “greats.”Evaluates measures of “strategic balance” popular in DOD and CIA analyses of the time.

But, Brennan points out, there is often a lack of “orchestration” between agencies, causing competition and redundancies between agencies that should really be working together.

Keith Hall, at the time of interview the Director of the National Reconnaissance Office, describes the evolution of his career in Washington and the Intelligence Community.

An interview with the Former Deputy Director of the CIA, also Former Director of the NSA.

Studeman urges for greater inter-agency cooperation and communication in the interview.

General Mac Arthur felt that the OSS civilians were encroaching on the military sphere, and that their methods were ineffective.