Dating vintage quilt fabric

It was in fact made in 1999, but the maker has been careful to explain its origin and date fully on her label on the back.Pay particular attention when buying a crib-sized quilt.

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Patchwork quilts are by far the most numerous of all vintage-quilt categories, and the diversity of style, construction and effect that can be found is a study all its own.Many collectors focus on one type of quilt, based on the technique perhaps, or within a color range or a particular time period.Detecting fakes and repairs Sadly, as in most areas of collecting, the unscrupulous exist and try to pass off quilts as being something that they are not.However, I believe that this happens less often than cases in which a dealer or private seller simply does not have the information they need to describe a quilt accurately.The term “quilt” has become synonymous with bedcover to many people, and we include tied quilts, comforters and quilt tops, none of which are true quilts in the technical description, in this book.

Quilts made from a seemingly single solid piece of fabric are known as wholecloth quilts, or if they are white, as whitework quilts.

There are countless quilts around that are categorized as “cutters.” These are bed quilts that are stained or damaged too badly to retain much value, and quiltmakers and other crafters often cut out the usable parts and make them into pillows, stuffed toys, and smaller quilts.

A true vintage crib quilt is usually more expensive inch for inch than all but the finest of bed quilts, and the unwary might be sold a cut-down piece at an inflated price.

Others are entranced by variety and assemble highly eclectic collections covering many areas of the quiltmaker’s art.

A study of any aspect of the subject that interests you will pay dividends as you add items to your own collection.

The fabrics are usually cotton or wool, or fine fancy fabrics like silk, velvet, satin and taffeta.