Dating without the drama

Quite often, there are personal relationships between work colleagues, despite the fact that corporate policy usually does not encourage and sometimes even forbids this kind of interaction.Particularly noticeable an office affair will be in a small team and that’s where it will cause the greatest resonance.

If you can not stick to such a pattern of behavior, the daily meetings with the former lover are equal to a terrible torture, the only way out is to see them as rarely as possible. If this does not help, you'll have to look for another job.

Otherwise, the wounds from the unfortunate dating will not heal very long.

Such relations will not go unnoticed in the team and can create a tense atmosphere. Do not exchange too personal letters by email or corporate network. Moreover, you can recklessly leave the letter open, solving the urgent problem that has arisen. That wouldn't be any good anyway, so try to leave the work schedule as usual. If your coworker is married, do not even dare to look at them. As a rule, nothing serious comes out of such a relationship.

If the emotions are off the scale, and you cannot wait to kiss your lover, it is better to do it at least not in the office building. This will help your couple solve the necessary issues and have time to miss each other. And you just ruin your coworker’s family and suffer yourself. In modern open work space, it is difficult to concentrate: a lot of gadgets, deadlines, multitasking. Think about how it looks when two people from the whole team form a closed cocoon. If you drink with a coworker at work, in most cases it can bring you closer together and lead to an intimate relationship right there even without asking a coworker on a date. Employees are usually advised to report cases of harassment or events that affect adversely the work environment.

Talking about a relationship can also distract your colleagues from work, so avoid that. Do not single out your partner from other coworkers.

This is incredibly difficult to do, but it is necessary.Each person chooses for himself personally to date or not to date a coworker.How to finish an office affair as painlessly as possible if the former lover still remains a coworker?The probability of office affairs arises especially among people who are unhappy and unsatisfied with their work.They try to occupy themselves with something interesting or just to find an outlet within the workspace, starting to communicate a lot with pleasant people of the opposite sex. However, even if you didn’t originally think about dating a coworker and having a serious relationship, your harmless flirting could grow into something bigger.The outcome of the office affair depends on the people who have started it.