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The colour of your baby's eyes in the first minutes after birth won't last - exposure to light changes a baby's initial eye colour.

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Though my doctor didnt tell me the gender I cant wait to meet our little one and see how he or she looks like. But it is not decided yet if i will have a C sec or a normal one.But it will probably be C section as my tummy is too big and I am afraid something might go wrong if delivered normally. Don't be alarmed by the soft spots on your baby's skull, known as fontanelles, which allows the head to compress enough to fit through the birth canal.The rear fontanelle takes about four months to close, while a front one takes between nine and 18 months.Raven-haired newborns can grow up to be blondes, while blondes often turn into brunettes.

Of course, your baby may be completely bald when he is born, in which case you won't know his hair colour till a little later on.

Late babies may also have a slightly wrinkly appearance and very little, if any, lanugo.

Birthmarks - ranging from temporary off-coloured patches to permanent splotches - are common.

And then there are the parents who bemoan their baby's baldness.

In fact, newborn hair doesn't actually have much bearing on what your child's hair will eventually turn out like.

Mixed race children can have a variety of different eye colours.