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We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Tucker secretly took the keys from Dean's wife, Shawn.

Two weeks before, Tucker had talked about "offing" Dean.

Leibrant then left the scene, but later helped Garrett dispose of Dean's car later that evening.

The bodies were discovered by a co-worker who came to check up on Dean when he did not show up for work that morning.

Deborah Thornton was hiding under some sheets in the bedroom, and because the lights were on and Dean had said Tucker's name several times, Tucker and Garrett decided to kill her as well.

Leibrant testified that, after he was called into the apartment by Garrett, he heard a gurgling noise in the bedroom, walked back to the bedroom, and witnessed Tucker pull the pickax out of a body, smile, and hit it again.

The evidence revealed the following: Between and a.m.

on June 13, 1983, Tucker, Danny Garrett, and James Leibrant left Tucker's residence after some "partying" which included the ingestion of pills, marijuana, speed, and alcohol.Traver found Dean's body in the spare bedroom along with the body of a girl with a pickax "in her heart." Traver also noticed that Dean's motorcycle was missing and the television had been moved.On the evening of the June 13, Tucker and Garrett were watching television when the news came on with a story about the murders.She handed him Dean's wallet which Doug immediately burned in an ashtray.Although Doug insisted that they remove the motorcycle parts from his garage at that time, he later allowed his brother to store some of the parts with him. Mosier, a family friend who was a detective in the homicide division, and gave him Leibrant's name.Tucker later related that when she and Garrett entered the apartment bedroom, she put a pickax to Dean's head and Dean began begging for his life.