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Obviously for now we need to be patient and find out the exact cause of this incident.' Fellow ward councillor Graham Munn added: 'I think it's too early to judge exactly what happened and who is responsible.

It's clearly a very sad situation.'It was the second year that Flamefest, which boasts a 'discreet' adult play area and an outdoor dungeon, has been held.

Academic Schools Adult Education Center for Civic Engagement NE Florida Criminal Justice Center Developmental Education Programs Dual Enrollment English Language Programs Fire Academy of the South FSCJ Online Performing & Visual Arts FSCJ stands out among educational institutions for many reasons.Click on the link below to learn why we are the largest, most dynamic and most influential higher education institution in the area.This afternoon, a man in his 20s was arrested on suspicion of possession of class A drugs.It was also revealed tonight that the woman was out of intensive care in hospital.When you get your result, you may want to be able to talk to somebody about it.

* Public Health England data for 2015, published in November 2016.

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My heart goes out to the family affected.'More importantly safety is a number one issue at events like these and this will trigger a review when we do get the council issuing permits and licensing.'Obviously local people did raise concerns about the festival.

I am sure this will be looked at by the appropriate agencies.'As a local representative obviously I will be speaking to the relevant agencies to make sure if there's anything we can learn to make sure it never happens again.'This is very tragic.

It is a free and confidential service and usually no appointment is necessary.