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The three businesses that we really manage and operationally run, one is, as you mentioned, that’s a matrimonial services business or matchmaking business.The other is, which is an online real estate portal, where that business model is pretty clear to everyone.

So, it made perfect sense, the Internet being sort of a global medium, you know, get like mined people on the Internet, we’re all looking to do the same thing, and connections will happen. So we put it on and for the next four or five years, as I said, it continued to be an experiment.

I’d be involved on the weekends and so on, but by and large I was involved in my job.

In 2000-2001 when sort of the dot com world imploded and along with that, some of the business that we were working in the U.

S., which by the way created some incredible wealth.

They go to Scott Edward Walker of Walker Corporate Law. This is a website where entrepreneurs come to tell the stories behind their businesses. One is businesses that People Group owns and operates.

I’ve recommended him for years, I’ve known him for years, I trust him, and I suggest you go to Walker Corporate Law. Joining me today is a founder that Business Week called ‘One of India’s Most Powerful People.’ Anupam Mittal is the founder of People Group, whose collection of businesses includes, an online matrimonial services and matchmaking business, and Makaan, a housing site. There’s really, primarily, three businesses, there could be sub-brands and so on, but those are sort of less meaningful.: Hey, before we get started tell me if you’re having this problem.Your business is getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and congratulations on that, but at the same time your email inbox is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Well here’s a solution, it comes from User Voice, watch this, it’s a form that pops up, that’s familiar to users, they can type in the subject of their message, and look at what happens.The third is a company called Mauj or the destination called Mobago, which is really a mobile application business.We are one of the largest independent app stores in the world.: Well actually Shaadi Matchmaker acts through some family introduction and maybe they were trying to get me married or whatever they were trying to do.