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In a club setting, you imagine, the spidery synth line and the haughty vocals would be the sauce for that beat – memory and sense triggers to enhance rhythm and motion.But listening at home, the voice and melody jump to the foreground, taking on a weight of attention they can’t really bear.

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The latter includes No Doubt’s Tony Kanal, whom she credits with introducing her to dance music.

Stefani co-wrote all 12 songs here, and it’s obvious she didn’t just simply sit back in her Hollywood mansion in her Galliano gown while her assembled producers went to work.

Her music reflects the realities of life anywhere but especially, to my ears at least, a troubled paradise like Haiti, where sunny, percolating music does not drown out the sorrows that come with a sun-burnt existence.

Gaelle’s melancholic electronic music is as notable as her intelligent lyrics, and it’s at its most powerful when its layered textures react to her carefully plotted vocal deliveries.

) approach to songwriting, disguising optimism in shades of despair: “More often than not I keep forgetting, true love it can never end in sorrow/I hope and I pray for comfort, that never seems to come.

” Gaelle grew up in New Jersey and currently resides in Atlanta, but she was born to Haitian parents.Steve served me vinyl for many years throughout the 90s and early 2000s when he worked at 3 Beat Records so we’d always had a bond over our shared love of music and clubbing.After I had laid my previous label, Audio Therapy, to rest in 2011, I took some time off from that side of the business but it wasn’t long before I realised how much I missed it.We’ve worked really hard and there’s still a lot more work to do.We’ve always tried to release a variety of styles that reflected our wide tastes.Like Jill Scott, Gaelle shows awe-inspiring ease with poetry throughout her album.