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All the performances were part of the start of a new chapter in the 83-year history of the Bowl.

The old Frank Gehry-designed acoustical spheres are replaced by a floating canopy that holds light fixtures with the purpose to reflect sound to help the performers hear themselves onstage.

Chang placed on incorporating her intuitive and artistic passions with the able accompaniment of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Chang brought the support of many within the Asian, Korean and Asian Pacific American communities at the event.

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In addition, large video screens flank each side of the shell to help the viewers in the far reaches of the Bowl.The sound quality differed from the Brian Wilson performance (of which, a separate sound console was utilized for his rock-oriented set of songs), as oppose to the other performers that utilized the house system that were seeking to discover the musical tapestry that was being played that night.Antes de formarse el grupo en 2000 tocaba extensamente como solista.Actualmente es conductora de un programa de música clásica en Hong Kong donde reside con su familia, además ha realizado participaciones como solista en mayo y junio de 2012, lo que podría representar su regreso a la escena musical. "It's very intimidating to a lot of guys, especially when they are on their own. " But hopeful suitors shouldn't take that as a hint. " To keep away the homesickness, the Bond quartet indulges in a New York ritual: shopping.

They haunt Henri Bendel, Abercrombie & Fitch, and ... There, they stock up on products they can't find in England, like Midol, Crest Whitening Strips, red licorice and cinnamon-flavored gum. On "Classified," they explore salsa and cover the disco hit "Fly Robin Fly. "You're sitting there in your pajamas with pimples all over your face and you're like, 'Who is that? '" Crammed in a luxury van, Davis, violinists Haylie Ecker and Eos Chater, and cellist Gay-Yee Westerhoff are on their way to JFK. "We feel a little bit distanced" from the sex symbol status, says Davis, before switching from her Australian lilt to an arch, theatrical tone. They think it's funny to have to explain that they are virtuosos rather than vamps, a preconception that has plagued the comely classical crossover group since their debut "Born" sold more than 2 million copies in 2001. "You see pictures taken of yourself that get retouched and you look amazing," says Tania Davis, who plays viola in the sexy string quartet Bond. to promote their new release "Classified," a dance album replete with classical themes, before they head back to their hometown of London. " A whoop of laughter goes up from the women, who are either 28 or 29.Despite their image, Bond members are rarely approached by members of the opposite sex while on tour."I think a lot of guys are scared of us," says Westerhoff, who has played cello on albums by Primal Scream, Sting and Bryan Adams. '" Westerhoff pulls her face into an anguished grimace before exploding in giggles, demonstrating the pluck that has earned Bond the nickname of the "Spice Girls of classical music. "When you don't have someone around, you know what you're missing," says Ecker, who like Davis comes from Australia. Sometimes when you spend a lot of time with someone you pick on the snickety pickety things that don't matter.Haylie Ecker (Perth, 9 de octubre de 1975) es una violinista australiana.