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An 85-foot steel wall, cameras and radar equipment affixed to poles at 210 feet, in addition to a 21-mile outer fence, will protect the new Ramon International Airport near Eilat from potential terrorist attacks.

Since receiving critiques on a lack of transparency as to the Jewish Federation’s policies on employees, the Federation noted that while it does not support JVP, it chooses to “embrace pluralism and welcome diverse beliefs and opinions within the community.” The situation is raising eyebrows about the standards maintained during the hiring and vetting of professionals—or worse, that the federations and synagogues themselves are comfortable with BDS activists teaching at Hebrew schools.

A growing partisan divide was on display this week in reaction to the opening of the U. embassy in Jerusalem and two days of consecutive violence in the Gaza Strip.

The question is: How far will one sector on the left continue to cause fissures?

The left-wing NIF non-governmental organization, which is headquartered in New York with offices in various countries, is a main financial backer of the delegitimization campaign against Israel by supporting various local Israeli-based NGOs that are often at odds with the state.

“In all of the democratic world, only Israel suffers from a phenomenon in which a foreign political organization operates from within as an open and hostile political opposition against the elected government and the military,” said Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg.

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Despite reporting a dire need for medical equipment, the Hamas terror organization turned back two shipments of medical supplies for their populace because the goods bore labels from the Israel Defense Forces. How can Hamas reap the fruits if it pays such an expensive price? More than 50 Palestinian demonstrators killed, 2,700 hurt in protests and attempts to infiltrate Israel Monday • Rather than send Hamas operatives to risk their lives at border riots, Hamas urges civilians, families to charge border for little pay.

The Egyptian official “made unequivocally clear to him [Haniyeh] that if this continues, Israel will respond and take far harsher steps, and Egypt will stand by and will not help,” Katz told Israel Radio in an interview. The escalating tensions along the Israel-Gaza border, which have led to the largest number of Palestinian deaths since the 2014 “Operation Protective Edge,” is not a show of strength by Hamas, but a desperate move by a terror organization with dwindling options.

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