Hot granny dateing in dublin

Glamorous granny Gaynor Evans says she loves chasing after younger men — because they give her the best sex of her life and make her feel ’empowered’.

The 56-year-old party-lover says she has dated more than 100 guys through dating apps in the last five years and she sings the benefits from the rooftops.

This leads to a deluge of invitations for, ahem, “fun”.

Riyadh Khalaf joined Grindr and enlisted his mam to read out some of the messages he received.

When we got sunburned – as children of the 1980s often did – my granny would arrive with an ornate glass bottle of calamine lotion and soothe the sting out of our bright red skin.

And in the winter, when we visited on Sundays, she would serve us the hottest cup of tea known to mankind and I remember often grimacing at how hot and strong it was – without ever thinking to ask for more milk. Corned beef and tomato; ham; lemon curd – delicious slices of thick, plain bread buttered to within an inch of their lives.

One toy boy was 30 years her junior and the grandmother-of-three says she won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Gaynor told The Mirror: ‘It’s fairly simple really — they’re young, fit, and fun.‘Younger men have got stamina, drive, enthusiasm and are able to repeat perform.’Gaynor, from Enfield in England, has been married twice but says she has ‘renewed vigour’ thanks to dating the younger men.

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She said: ‘I don’t want to age gracefully, I’m quite happy to be a disgrace.’Gaynor says part of her appeal to toyboys is that her generation know what they want and they aren’t looking to tie the young men down.