How to overcome shyness when dating

Whether extrovert or introvert, every one is blessed with a heart full of genuine feelings.

Everybody has the right to love and to be loved: irrespective of colour, beauty, nature and personality.

When we give into our shyness and turn aside from the opportunity to meet new people—particularly those we may have developed feelings for—we put ourselves at great risk. Ask yourself this: is the momentary pain of rejection the worst thing that could happen to you? To combat shyness, let’s first take a look at what it actually is. The shy simply do not have the confidence that they can perform in social situations, and believe that they will be punished in some way for their failure.

The shy may experience physical symptoms, such as sweating, blushing, upset stomach, and a quickened pulse.

They may also experience negative feelings about themselves, and worry about how others view them.

Making eye contact, coming up with topics of conversation, and having a relaxed posture are hard, and we all have our triggers. Maybe we’re reluctant to speak with people of the opposite gender. Not every sentence that comes out of your mouth is going to be perfectly joined to the last.

And, of course, nearly all of us choke when it comes time to ask that special someone out on a first date. We’re talking Buddha-levels of acceptance here—the ability to see the world as it is, flaws and all, accept it without judgment, and move on.

The best way to cope up with such an issue is to prepare for the date in advance.

Jot down some sensible and effective communication starters that could give a positive first impression. Rather than planning for a full day rendezvous go for a short and sweet date.It’s like walking together on sand holding each other’s hand.There are many other things to think about while on a date; so don’t be conscious. Be The Real You Last but not the least, be real and reflect the true side.Coming to the point, not all introverts are shy in nature or poor in expressing their feelings.It’s just that they do not find people, place, and appropriate time to display their affection.Just depict the real you, maintain communication without any perception and hesitation.