How to run dating offers on facebook

In this purely hypothetical example, John Owlson is running a dating site called Love-Nest Dating, and wants to promote it via a Facebook page.

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For the purposes of this walk-through I won’t do this yet, although there is a section about Facebook Ads a little later in the lesson. Once your page has reached 25 “Likes” you get the option of creating a custom “Vanity” URL.Search engines put weight on URLs, so keep it relevant by reflecting the name of your brand or affiliate website.Make sure to keep your representative image the same on Facebook as it is on your website so that any traffic going from A to B can quickly and easily identify that your website is indeed where they were trying to go.As a last option you can choose to promote your page, utilizing Facebook’s internal advertising system to get it out there.As an example, Affilorama’s Facebook URL is so that it’s easy for search engines and interested people to understand and find.

Just like with any other website, building backlinks is another great way of boosting your Facebook page’s SEO.The flow of information surging throughout Facebook every day is a hive of potential that you, as an affiliate marketer, need to tap into to spread awareness of your affiliate site or offers. When other Facebook users like what they see, they have a simple and easy way of showing it.By clicking “Like”, they are showing on their feed that it’s there and that they approve.Firstly, the friends of whoever liked the post are more likely to have similar interests than random people on the Internet.If a friend liked your topic, chances are it might be what they’re interested in, too.In John’s case, he’s going to click on the “Brand or Product” page, and scroll down to where it says “website”. Keep in mind for SEO purposes that the first word will have more sway in Google than the other words in your title.