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Check below for symptoms associated with sexual disorders, and on the left-hand menu for additional information and articles on sexuality and relationships.

One of the most common sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunction, is readily treated with medications.

(Sex therapy does not involve any type of sexual or physical interaction with the therapist.) Psychotherapy is nonjudgmental.

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This guide is to provide a list of titles that can be used for the book reading assignment for Human Sexuality (PSYC 180).The titles, selected by the instructor, have been divided into the below categories.There are a wide variety of treatments -- from medications to a specific form of psychotherapy -- that can help virtually everyone with a sexual disorder, no matter what the concern.Keep in mind as you read through this section that sexuality exists on a continuum.As for heart candy, Necco cuts somewhere north of 6 billion individual hearts per year, which isn't quite enough for everyone on the planet, but close. They're both about connecting, about reaching across that great divide of otherness and even if for a moment, risking and sharing what is most precious about all of us: our hearts..if you feel overwhelmed by all the new terms for sexuality, remember, even Necco has had a few questionable choices, e.g., YOU ARE GAY. [NOTE: You may want to test your own knowledge of sexuality terms BEFORE reading the list with the Perfect Match Quiz I designed.] I'll state up front that this list is neither as comprehensive nor as nuanced as it could be, so if you still feel you need more, the baton is yours.

Run with it..if you're one of those people who hates multiple choice, here's my advice: stay away from the quiz.

Sexuality is the essence of humanness, the drive which fuels intimacy and procreation.

Its implications for understanding human psychology are enormous.

the capacity to derive pleasure from all forms of sexuality activity and behavior, particularly from sexual intercourse. all aspects of sexual behavior, including gender identity, orientation, attitudes, and activity.

Human Sexuality - sexuality in humans describes the breadth of functioning from basic physiological differences between male and female, to traits which characterize masculinity and femininity, to covert and overt sexual behavior.

Once I started to stir the alphabet soup, I realized I couldn't be the only one who needed help.