Jack mcbrayer and dating

Vampire, sir.” I make a lot of jokes about Alexander Skarsgard literally banging everything in his path, but at the end of the day, I like to pretend it’s just wholesome family joshing about because otherwise that would mean there are now three things that are absolutely certain in life: Death, taxes and getting plowed at least once by a blonde Swedish fuck-lord. Which is why I found these pics of The Skarsgard grabbing lunch with Jack Mc Brayer all the more disturbing because now I can’t deny this post happened in real life right down to the lamb transformation.

; born May 27, 1973) is an American actor, voice artist and comedian.He gained national exposure for his portrayal of characters on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and as Kenneth Parcell in 30 Rock, for which he was nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards.During the first appearance, O'Brien remarked to him, "I thought you were above this now." Mc Brayer later reprised his role as Kenneth twice (November 24, 2009 and January 13, 2010) after O'Brien's switch to The Tonight Show, and appeared on O'Brien's Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour at stops in Eugene, Oregon, Universal City, California (on the Universal Studios lot where O'Brien taped Tonight), and the final tour stop in Atlanta, in his home state of Georgia.and appeared in the 2010 film Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore with a recurring role on the second season of Phineas and Ferb, playing the part of Irving, a fan of Phineas and Ferb.Alexander Skarsgard won another award for playing an abusive husband in Big Little Lies.

It was the SAG Award this time, which means he won the “triple crown” for television actors – the Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG, all for the same role.

Alex seemed to attend the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards solo, but he decided to bring a date to the SAG Awards: Jack Mc Brayer, best known as Kenneth from 30 Rock.

Mc Brayer is a well-liked comic and comedic actor, and I have absolutely no idea how Jack and Alex met.

In the mock film, Mc Brayer dons a wig similar to Trump’s signature hair and spouts off lines like, “I’ve said, if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her” and “Somebody’s doing the raping.” Watch the fake trailer below.

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In the fall of 2012, Jack lent his voice to the Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph, playing the title character's close friend and video game opponent Fix-It Felix, Jr.