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2) To request a copy of the application in the post along with a copy of our manual and Code of Conduct, you can contact us now on 02.

The online chat host training I went through was not hard…because I was working for a Martha Stewart chat room at that time… You might be able to find work just by being a part of a certain community and volunteering. Online chat host jobs like this are kinda fun because you choose what the topic is.

I got all kinds of books that Martha had written in order to be able to answer questions in the chat rooms that I was assigned. she was planting this plant…” Because I'd watched the show, taken notes and read up on things… there are volunteer online chat host jobs and positions… Job Village Being a Channel Guide (similar to all other online chat host jobs) is voluntary and it requires work and commitment each week.

Essential reading for all working in general practice.

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You get FREE training by doing this–and it looks great on a resume.

If they see you've had other online chat host jobs, then they are more willing to hire you. I can tell you one thing…I was THRILLED when I did get my paycheck.That little paycheck allowed me to stay home with my son when he was little. Earn a percentage of the advertising revenue and be able to promote your business and your affiliate links!My daughter hadn't been born yet – but it was a starting point for me to learn that working at home was possible and that there were real options out there. Keep your eyes peeled for these types of positions because they go FAST and they go to the most qualified. Become an online Guide in a topic of your choice and earn money from advertising revenues.(Years ago) Yes–I had to apply with a resume and qualifications and yes, I had to go through training. BUT–that doesn't mean you can't find a full-time gig that you enjoy, can do from home and make some cash to boot!The best way to get one of these online chat host jobs is to volunteer as a moderator in other chat rooms or as a moderator on message boards.I also needed to be sure to watch her show each day, so that if someone came into my room and asked. I was prepared to help out anyone that came into that chat to discuss gardening. As moderator you make sure all the rules are followed and if they aren't, you have the controls to “boot” someone out of the room or ban them altogether. BUT, if you get a chat room that is really hoppin' and the conversation is going at a quick clip…need to be paying attention. and actually kind of fun if you're doing message boards that cover a topic you enjoy. Our goal is to have the highest quality content and links, run by the most qualified individuals.