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When I run "systemctl status webmin.service -l" I get errors suggesting webmin authentication failed. Thanks Firstly, is this a simple backup/restore, or is it a migration? are you restoring a backup from one version of Turn Key to the same appliance but a different version of Turn Key? v13.0 to v14.1) then there are probably a number of things that you will need to consider. The webmin specific bits are noted under a sub-heading, however some of the other info may also be relevant.

The OP mentioned connecting to webmin on port 10000, but that hasn't been the default webmin port for years. [1] /usr/lib/inithooks/firstboot.d/15regen-sslcert Looks like maybe I jumped on it too quick (without asking enough questions...) I notice that I marked it as confirmed and normally wouldn't do that unless I either had come across a second report of the bug or could reproduce it myself, but I don't recall testing it... Workarounds may be to manually set a root user password (which IIRC will mean that you can also login to your server with this same password - defeating the security advantages of using keys). ) a Webmin user account apssword from the commandline.

Was webmin installed directly from upstream and using the default cert? Although TBH I have never done it nor know how to...

If you are using Turn Key Linux then you should find Webmin via https on port 12321. If that's not working, then please log in to your server and check that Webmin and Stunnel are running: If you aren't using Turn Key, then 10000 should be the default Webmin port, but I have no idea how you installed it etc.

So I suggest that you either post on the support forum of your OS, or perhaps on the Webmin support forums?

You could try using the Turn Key archive; although you're probably better off going for upstream...

Hi Everyone, I am New to webmin, can anyone explain me how i can control application running on the same server (I have installed Webmin on the same).

By control i mean providing and revoking access to applications using webmin pannel.

Thanks in Advance Besides it sounds like you aren't using Turn Key Linux?!

Ok the new version don't give access to update management on port 12321 and login port 12320, only 3 port are open https on port 8443, minecraft on port 25565 and SSH/SFTP port 22, is there a way to access update management like in Mine OS Dedian linux 7Mine OS is a third party appliance which we don't have anything to do with.

I did have discussions with the lead dev about making it an "official" appliance, but that stalled and I haven't ever got back in touch to see whether that's still an option. Hello, I just restored a production server from a backup to a fresh install of the My SQL app vmdk. When I try to manually activate webmin via "service webmin start", I get the following error: Job for webmin. See 'systemctl status webmin.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details.

If you have any other questions, just ask - thats what the forums are for.having already installed to the hard drive, and booted from the hard drive, I don't receive the configuration console. Webmin is listening on port 100, so give this a try: Is it possible that you are using the old version of lamp (which doesn't have the configuration console or webmin)? The version you are using is the initial launch release in September, which didn't yet include the configuration console or web management interface.