Kent speed dating

Andrews said finding a "special someone" would be nice, but he also wants to find friends who share his interests.

John Adrian is no stranger to speed dating at the W. Last year some librarians persuaded him to attend the free, Valentine’s Day-inspired event.

He went on a speed date with her anyway, and left once he accomplished that goal.“I would try it again, if I could lie about my age,” he said with a laugh.

Some speed dates, though, have led to fairy-tale endings.

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Richard Andrews, left, and Gregg Limley were among the 80 daters at the W. “(We) try to reconnect them with the library while they’re here, and hopefully they make a love connection too,” said Emily Getzschman, the library’s marketing manager.

About nine months after they met, Kenny proposed to Trisha in front of the W. The proposal lasted three minutes, in honor of their first “date.”“If the wedding would’ve been three minutes, that would’ve been great too,” Kenny said.

The library is still a large part of their lives, and Kenny said he is excited to soon share books with their daughter.He had recently gotten divorced and thought speed dating would be a low-stress way to meet new people, especially with the time constraint on each “date.”“It’s very difficult to make a fool out of yourself in three minutes,” he said.Adrian, 79, said his first time speed dating was such a good experience that he decided to try his luck at the library again.On Sunday, clerk Richard Andrews, 50, said finding a “special someone” at the speed dating event would be nice.But trying to find common interests with the people he met and finding friends were priorities too.She remembered him telling her about his family and how some of them lived overseas like her.