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LLOYD: As most people already know, company-wide Gibson Musical Instruments strives to be a role model in environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

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LLOYD: We are Epiphone employees, we are an Epiphone factory so therefore we take ownership of our guitars in a way that no OEM produced brand can do.We have access to proprietary manufacturing techniques from Gibson and we can be innovators in the development of new models and features which is not always in the interest of our OEM competition.As a team we have made some great strides that I am very proud of.Several bench marks have been reached including recently reaching our highest production month ever, an internal reduction of departmental reject’s and repairs to less than 5%, a reduction in backorders from over a year to one month and growing our production capabilities to include high end solid top acoustics and other key models such as the Casino, Les Paul Custom Signature models and others.Making a quality guitar is the same no matter where you do it.

In your garage or on the factory floor, you have to use quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail.In 2000 I became part of a team that was assembled to establish the new Gibson Memphis facility which now produces the Gibson Hollow Body and ES models.My job was to train employees and managers in quality standards, proper processes and specifications.I soon became a line leader and for the next four years trained in raw material processing which included rough mill, neck assembly and fingerboard assembly.In 1994 I was promoted to supervisor of neck and fingerboard assembly and over the course of the next 6 years supervised various departments of the USA plant, all the while learning proper processes and techniques.Though there are differences in some of the production processes between the USA and Asian factory, to be successful the end results must be the same, a quality built guitar that musicians want to play.