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“I find there can be cross-pollination with my clients where they’ve somehow have met.I want to avoid a situation where they’ve already met or they’ve glanced at each other’s online profiles and there was a reason they chose to forego that opportunity,” she said.The Short Version: Whether they’re creating the latest edition of an already-cool product or coming up with the next big thing in tech, singles in Silicon Valley can lead fast-paced lives — which means dating often gets put on the backburner.

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“A lot of these people are so focused with their careers that one day they wake up and think ‘Oh my gosh, I need to find my match. The inspiration for Linx came in 2000 while Amy was working in private client services at a tech company in San Francisco but living in Silicon Valley.

Whether it was at work, through friends, or just out and about, Amy frequently met men and women who were educated, successful, attractive, and well-rounded, but they were single and didn’t know why.

“That was my ‘aha moment’ where I thought ‘What if I were to bridge this gap and create these opportunities for these great women in San Francisco and these great men in Silicon Valley? Amy then spent the next 3 years doing as much research as she could, using her business-oriented mind to get a better idea of the market and demand for this type of matchmaking business.

In 2003, once she had all her ducks in a row, she quit her job at Merrill Lynch, launched the company, and never looked back.

And whether they’re 22 or 72, Asian or Latino, attorneys or artists, Amy is looking for people who are intelligent, healthy, relationship-minded, accomplished, ambitious, and leading interesting lives overall.

“As long as somebody is passionate about their career, that’s what I’m looking for.Whether someone isn’t 100% over their ex or are in a difficult phase of their life, her instinct can tell if the timing is off.“The meet-and-greet is an important session for myself but more so for that prospect to get a good read of what Linx is all about,” she said.“If someone says to me ‘All I do is work’, I’m probably not going to want to work with them.Not only do they not have balance in their lives, but to me that’s also indicative that they don’t have time for a relationship.” After the initial screening, Amy sets up a one-on-one meet-and-greet, which she said is the most important part of becoming a client.Every aspiring member must be recommended by a former or current member, a friend or contact of Amy’s, or the like.