Matthew rhys is dating dating divorced man with 2 children

Obviously the press wanted to know all about it and it soon transpired that her husband had not been at home when the break-in occurred.

Keri then issued a statement saying that they had been separated and that her ex-husband had moved out in early summer. Whilst Keri is not a celebrity, but a reasonably well-known actress, it is a rare occurrence that she was able to keep her private life, especially a break-up, secret for such a long time.

If you were hoping to get some serious scoop on the final season of “The Americans” out of Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys when they appeared on “The Late Show” on Wednesday, you were probably disappointed.

But, if you love to see the on-screen off-screen couple make googly eyes at each other, well then you got what you’re thirsty for.

Keri has become increasingly busy since 2013, which may very well have added a strain to her relationship to Shane.

There is no evidence that she was unfaithful to her husband, however, and they would hardly have an amicable relationship at this stage, if she had cheated on him.

Given that her ex-husband is not part of the industry and like many others, who are not involved in the making of movies or TV shows, he was always uncomfortable in the limelight.

So it is hardly surprising that they kept their marriage pretty low key.But there seems little doubt that they are, indeed, together.They are often seen together out and about and Matthew is acquainted with her children as well.Of course I remember that.'"Rhys left her a "drunken voicemail," but Russell didn't call him back."You were that buffoon that wouldn't stop calling," she joked. Love happens when you least expect it—like at a kickball party.(E!In December 2013 Keri Russell announced that she and her husband of nearly seven years (they married in February 2007) were separated.So forgive the to actors for getting a little distracted.