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Kaufman's book is expected to reveal tons of secrets about the show, courtesy of the insider access she was granted by veterans of the show's cast and production team. " data-reactid="23", set to be released on March 6, 2018.  " data-reactid="24"A chance for more dirt on TV's dirtiest show? However, news of the book dropping has been overshadowed by the outcries from fans who were infuriated to learn the insider secret that hopeful Bachelor and Bachelorette contenders are automatically rejected if it turns out they have herpes.

Just as the questions started to become more outlandish, the producers would wrap up the session and a handler would take the person to meet with the show’s therapist.[She] would be in possession of the personality test they had previously filled out and would spend roughly an hour asking questions about it...‘We’re not going to be able to have you on our show, but you should call your doctor.’" RELATED: Look At Me — Once You Read This You'll See Me Completely Differently The entire premise of both "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette", at least if you buy into what they are selling (and I'm embarrassed to admit that I totally have), is the people on the show are real human beings who are looking for a lasting, authentic love and a happy, life-long marriage. At the very least, I would hope they would allow it to be each individual Bachelor and Bachelorette's decision!Are you really going to entirely discount each and every person who has an incurable but not life-threatening STD from that romantic pursuit? Everyone is entitled to their own personal set of relationship deal breakers, and if someone decides for themselves that possible exposure to an STD is theirs, that is entirely their choice. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 90 percent of adults have been exposed to the virus by age 50.""Whether you call it a cold sore or a fever blister, oral herpes is a common infection of the mouth area that is caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). Think of the drama that might ensue with that storyline as a potential plot point!You may even be able to have a normal delivery, but if there is an outbreak at the time of delivery, the doctor may suggest a cesarean section, C-section, if there is any threat to the baby.

If your baby has symptoms like blisters, irritability, fever, loss of appetite, and malaise, take your baby to your doctor immediately.Always tell your doctor if you suspect there is even a possibility you may have genital herpes even as you plan on getting pregnant.You can still have a healthy baby, and actually 25% of mothers have herpes.This person would be trained to dig up any skeletons in the closet — partly to use for their storyline but also to get ahead of any tabloid stories that could come to the surface if they were on the show."Now, here comes the fun part."Finally, the potential contestant would be taken for a medical examination.Samples of their blood and urine would be collected.But knowing a Television production company and/or network has ruled out close to half of the population because they may occasionally get blisters, even if those blisters are on a delicate region of the body, strikes me as superficial, sex-negative, Puritanical, and, oh yeah, judgmental. " data-reactid="60"RELATED: 10 Reasons Most 'Bachelor' Relationships Don't Work Out Rebecca Jane Stokes is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York with her cat, Batman.