Mobile chatroom for interracial

It's not that I've got anything against black people.

I just didn't think black people would use things like the internet.

I know from seeing you at the park that you're handsome and strong. Without realising it, I had been crying the whole time. I know from all the time we've been chatting that you're a good person, with a good heart and a generous soul. So there I was, 24 hours after our first horrible meeting, sitting on the same park bench wearing the same red top – even though it was a much colder day and I was feeling the chill. But maybe he really would give me the second chance I asked for. I just can't believe the wonderful person I've been chatting with for so long could turn out to be like this. When my mother called me for dinner, I told her I wasn't feeling well.

There were tears in my eyes now, but even then, I couldn't help but notice the lithe athleticism of his body. I went home, shattered, and lay on my bed for hours. I didn't have a microphone or webcam, but I had a bit of fun talking dirty – typing dirty really – with a whole bunch of guys and quite a few girls. I'd be telling these guys how I was nude and ramming cucumbers up my pussy and ass, when really I was just in my jeans and jumper having a laugh. I didn't think Rick, which was the guy's name, was a psycho, but I was still edgy about taking our 'relationship' any further. She sent me to a private girl's school because she thought I wouldn't come in contact with the 'wrong kind of people' there, and we live in a suburb where there aren't many black people at all. No, you can't be Rick." He looked suddenly perturbed. Like I said, there are a few things I'd never do sexually, but that's in real life. I didn't want to send him my photo in case he recognised me in the street, so he didn't send me one. In fact, embarrassed as I am to say it, I've never had a black or Asian friend. So now, finding myself looking at black man who I expected to be a white man, I suddenly found that I had a lot of my mother in me. There it was looking at me, Rick's name, sitting at the top of my list of friends. Then I noticed the glow behind the face beside Rick's name. But I realise now how small-minded that has made me.