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If you have difficulty finding the office, ask an adviser or dean of student affairs.

You may also contact your school’s Title IX Coordinator.

When tempers flared between one of Williams' teammates and an opponent, Williams ran across the field and began to fight.

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For instance, some people predominantly use collaborating when in interpersonal conflict situations.

In other words, although there are five different ways to handle conflicts, such a person is more likely to collaborate than they are to force, accommodate, avoid, or compromise.

There are many advantages to using a collaborating strategy to handle interpersonal conflict situations.

Collaborating with the other party promotes creative problem solving, and it's a way of fostering mutual respect and rapport.

To most effectively resolve a conflict, we should use the strategy that is most appropriate for that particular conflict situation.

However, that strategy might not be the strategy that we habitually use.We truly appreciate recognizing the higher quality products we use and the higher quality service we provide. In a Nutshell It's important to remember that there are many strategies we can use in conflict situations, but each of us tends to habitually use some strategies more often than others.Universities also can’t be forced to make “fundamental or substantial modifications” that change the very nature of their programs or academic standards.If you have questions about what is reasonable, consider contacting a student advocate, attorney, or trusted mentor.Many pregnancy-related impairments are covered by the ADA, and must be accommodated.