Muslim girl dating hindu boy

Chirayu: I thought my family was pretty liberal; my parents knew about my previous girlfriends and we'd often hang out at home with my family. When Insiya and I started getting closer as friends, I could see it bothered my Mum.

I hadn't really thought about the Muslim-Hindu thing until one day my aunt snidely told my mom that she should mentally prepare herself for a Muslim daughter-in-law.

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Yet, amid this unbridled anti-Hindu, anti-Muslim anti-humanity hate-fest, human beings continue being human beings. With people from another religion they have always been asked to stay at an arm's length from.

We spoke to four Hindu-Muslim couples from four generations to learn how to keep love afloat in this climate of naked hatred.

I could see that the comment really pissed her off.

It makes me sad that even my educated, liberal parents could be so narrow-minded when it comes to Muslims. They don't approve of dating in general, but dating a Hindu guy would be an absolute no-no.

We were a relatively open-minded family except for the fact that I was told I could never fall in love with a Muslim. Somehow, I never had any close Muslim friends so it really didn’t matter.

Slowly, as I started growing up I questioned my parent’s rather orthodox views on this matter (being an agnostic myself) but even then I never had energy to fight about it again and again.

After a year long period of constant on-off and bickering, we came to realize that despite all this something kept us together. Even if my parents agreed after a tad bit of melodrama, who would explain this to my grandmother? ) because we love each other too much to let family tension ruin this perfect little haven we have created for ourselves!

There was a level of comfort, love and longing that we shared, that I had never felt with anyone else.

to have not hidden every tiny thing about our relationship in our real and virtual lives? Why should I read the Quran when he can’t read the Bhagwat Gita? One bad experience and the whole community was to be blamed? What did happen, however, after four years of being together I still couldn’t tell my parents… Not because I am scared but because I'm waiting for the right moment.

(Yes, we could never post pictures on social media). I know my life is going to be an uglier version of 2 States when I do tell them so, both my boyfriend and I have decided to wait for the perfect timing to drop the bomb (pun not intended!

With Trump's attempt to ban immigrants from some Muslim majority countries, the anti-Muslim rhetoric is at an all-time high.