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The New World Order has been a hidden agenda of secret societies.

The overall plan for world "governance" is a work in progress.

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Professor Quigley has written a book in which he tells us all about it. So why are people not more aware of the coming New World Order? And in this merchant society we tend to select what we like and avoid things that could be unpleasant.

All sorts of information about its planning and its prominence in the unfolding of world history is sitting right there in front of us. Our positivist churchmen influenced by the spirit of the age have trained us to "be positive" and not to "confess anything negative".

And Bismarck united the many German principalities to create the nation of Germany we see today.

But to take this process on to its final global unification as a New World Order will be historic.

But is not "discernment of spirits" one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit? Sadly, there are precious few of us who are inclined to prepare ourselves spiritually in the Holy Scriptures and in the Holy Spirit for any possible challenges to our faith.

The pursuit of our own personal happiness has taken our zeal.Then when the file is clicked it should, or can be made to, open up into your i Tunes library.The next time you synch to your i Pod the mp3 message on the NWO will load up.If you would like to download an MP3 audio of this article for your Apple Mac or i Pod right-click here.Then left click on "Save link/file/target as" to save the file nwo.mp3 to a folder in your computer.People living inside those new borders are beginning to vaguely realize that their national borders are no longer guarded and becoming quite porous. The plan for this North American entity has been in the works for a long time.