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the cars carcrasher88 mentions spawn THE WHOLE GODDAMN TIME and the ford crown vic taxi seems to retire from service, replaced by the impala and the minivan taxi, ambulance and the armoured van are nowhere to be seen, yet there are so many fire engines.

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I guess it makes sense as the engine did already work on that format and already has support for all the core gameplay mechanics.Nice re-use of all the older car models from Driver Parallel lines too haha.Instead of using the normal brake, hold down the handbrake until you come to a complete stop without hitting anything.That one where it tells you to do a 200m handbrake stop is bloody impossible!I've thought about it, and I think it should be a separate page. I completed the game, weird thing though, Tanner keeps repeating phrases from the last mission Wish the physics were more like Driv3r The collectors edition is as Awesome as I thought it would be....... Perhaps we could exchange id to play mutiplayer with igcd member. ID PS3: Rinspeed12 Start Wars aquele_cara Pahjquinut Bloodythunder X360: Car Fanatic8692 carcrasher88 stryder237This is fantastic.

We don't normally do that, but this seems to be a different game altogether in terms of content, rather than a straight port with slightly worse graphics, correct? Driver is definitely back, love how the monaco and Trans-ams handle.

Other cars I've seen once so far are Diablo, Shelby Cobra (non-mustang), Viper (though another one drove past while I had it), Ruf Spider, MP4-12C. I do get tired of the same 5 cars all the time though.

I've only been playing a few hours the last two days They have got to sort out this traffic bug !!!!

I just got it, played it quite a bit and it is awesome, i love the shift feature just changing from car to car.

This is the first driver game ive ever played, havent ever played the others, and even if i had this would definitely be the best At least I thought I would get it today! The Nintendo 'console named after a bodily fluid' version seems to be based off of the engine from Driver Parallel Lines looking at the damage model & physics.

Oh and I really hope they release some downloadable content, though they really should have the ASYM Declasse, ASYM Police and the Dodge Monaco Police Car as a free "We should of allowed you to play as all the vehicles" Pack.