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Fetlife is a dating site for kinky people - which is to say people who aren't indescribably dull in the bedroom (at least ideally). While it's uncontroversial that at least some users desire such a function So, without further ado : the list of Fetlife users who are female and under 30.

First volume means that I've perused about 100`000 profiles, which in turn means there will be further volumes published in time - up to a total of maybe 30 or so.

If you put oil or moisturizer on top of a dirty face, you’ll just help seal in all that dirt and grime and old, nasty oil, which will make your face decidedly UNHAPPY. If you want to buy a bottle like the one I have pictured, you can find it here.

Every time, the conversation goes like this: Curious Person: “Hey, Betty? ” Me: “I use a blend of oils.” Curious Person: “What of oils? Anyway, as I’m blending and shaking, I realize this is something I should probably blog about. For years, so many of you have been asking about what I use to moisturize my face. I’ll blog it soon, I promise.” Fast forward to eight thousand years later, otherwise known as today, I was mad beautying around in the kitchen, experimenting with blends for the perfect facial oil to sell on the Crunchy Betty Natural Market for oily and blemishy skin (I finally found the perfect blend and it is my Royally Flawless Facial Oil).As a result of the DMCA notice (and the counter notice) reproduced below, it will be republished on March 2nd, unless we go to court, in which case it will be republished later than that but I get paid for it. Fraudulent DMCA claim is fraudulent, contemptible sack of shit is contemptible, all that good stuff. As it turns out, if you don't live in the US/Canada/UK Fetlife's pretty much useless for you anyway.) Contrary to the alleged abundance of tail on Fetlife, the total (3`369) eligible females out of 100`000 theoretical "users" is pretty dismal, both as an absolute value (what, like 1/20th or so of a Burning man ? Without further ado, the original list : As you can see, some locations were messed up. Before I do, lest you think I was kidding about being a mad beautyist today, this is what my kitchen counter looked like after the experiments, full of my personal oil stash.

I never realize how much bloomin’ crunchy stuff I have until it’s overtaking my kitchen: Now, the reason why I haven’t blogged my personal facial oil blend is because, well, it uses upwards of eleventy thousand ingredients.

Why would someone who broke up with you try to make you jealous? Is it possible ton instantly get over someone after a breakup?

We were engaged, had a baby recently, and then he left me but still wants to be in our baby's life.. He dumped me because he think I’m out of his league.

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Maybe some day in the future you’ll want to add one. Because once you start rolling around in crunchiness, you never want to stop.