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Lorraine Anderson offers advice on how to make the most of your best feature. Take it from The Occasional Woman, it’s time to Accentuate the Positive.Everyone has something going for them and the trick is to identify it and highlight it. Then always be sure to showcase them with shorter length skirts and short shorts. In the 1990s TGForum had an expert on drag in movies who wrote a series of articles for us.For one trans woman just one lapse into inappropriate body language was enough to cause her a big hassle.

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Ada Vox was eliminated from America Idol and some believe it’s because she sang in drag. Learn about the Japanese reliving the ’80s with tiara wearing “Princess Parties.” Then she stirs in a soupçon of the the phenomenon of androgynous models and wonders aloud if the thrill is gone, or if the models are still there but no longer shocking.

The Teacher of the Year trolled Donald Trump with a trans equality button as he handed her the award. All that and much more plus a few TWIT Awards are waiting for you to read your TWIT! Then she blends equal portions of the appeal of large hoop earrings and the “first pitch girls” of South Korea. Michele Angello, who is a Philadelphia area Gender therapist specializing in Gender variant youth.

She was a loner, a Penn Stater, a frat guy, a husband, a drunk, and none of those roles really reflected her core identity. For awhile the word “transgender” was what defined her.

Read today’s blog and see how Sophie identifies today.

Every since Amanda moved to northern California she has had problems.

Finding affordable housing, having to put up with crazy landladies, and enduring the trials and tribulations of a job in retail.The Trump administration wants to overturn the rule forbidding doctors from denying services to trans people. Long term estrogen use may make a woman more prone to bone fractures.The San Francisco Sheriff’s rules about treatment of trans inmates survive a court challenge. Iranian trans women are harassed while the police just watch. Documentary filmmakers want video comments about David de Alba for their upcoming feature on the famed female impersonator.Danica Roem talks about her first session with the Virginia House of Delegates.There’s all that and much more in this edition of TWIT! In the past she had defined herself according the various roles she played in her life.She has already come out to a few select people in her life and they are for the most part either supportive or indifferent.