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when I got their I wasnt sure what to say so I just showed her what I found.

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I also told her that she better do a good job, cause I got a big load waiting for her. thoughh aftr I startd to push my dick against her lips, she then did what I said.

the moment she wrapped her lips around my dick I knew I made the right decision to do the next several minutes she continued to suck and lick my cock and balls with the tightest suction I ever had.

when I felt my balls tightening up I didnt even have time to say anything, she was going so intense on my dick, the feeling of her lips sliding back and forth on my dick I just lost all control.

I just grabbed her head with both hands and than started jutting my hips into her face uncontrollably as I shot my load into her throat.

but sometimes I will get alittlle daring and make her do it for me in situations that are really risky, like being at her own house in her living room while she is completely nude while her husband is at work.

a week before she was going to be married, her husband was going to be at his bachelor party that that gave me the chance to get really dirty with her.

after a long conversation about it, she asked me if I was going to tell on her, and I told her that it all depended on wasnt sure what I meant, so I went on to tell her that it depended on what motivation I will have to keep quiet, and how persuasive she is going to be for me to not say anything.

she asked me what kind of thingss, cause she really didnt want anything to mess up her relationship cause they were really into each other and she cared about him alott. aftr a moment of thinking about it, I then stood up and I told her to stand up too and after she did that I told her to get on her knees.

These were thingss of a sexual nature, that if found out about, would have caused alott of problems for her in the relationship, and she electd not to tell him.

it was by accident that I was able to find out about this, through one of her friends.

she didnt do it at first but then I told her that if she doesnt want her bf to find out what I found, to get on her knees.