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Yes, I get it, my profile doesn't show up to anyone but me.

I don't understand it either, but surely there are better conversation topics than my lack of a viewable profile.

If they attended either OU or OSU, then during the game they will cheer a normal amount. So, if you’re religiously inclined, use someone’s faith as a weapon against them.

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Suspects: Michael Ainsworth, 18, left, was a Southern California high school football recruit.

Nakia 'Ken' Ware, right, was a 23-year-old community college defensive back, was on probation for armed robbery in California In 1998, Brenda Tracy was 24 years old and working as a waitress.

While this may seem like a thing you don’t need to bring up on the first date, you absolutely should. And what if that other person shows you a house in Edmond? Can you imagine the sort of person that, after 5 shots of Soco and lime, decides that the real karaoke crowd pleaser is “Lost in You? I have a lot of opinions on this, and it basically boils down to Oklahoma enabling and lifting up mediocre men to the level where they think they are 1.) relevant, and 2.) thought leaders.

(This is all a post for another day, but I’ve got a whole month here while Patrick learns to dad, so if you want to know my theory on it, let me know in the comments.

Please enter your 5-digit Ohio zip code and a date.

Will-Call orders may be picked up at the Jerome Schottenstein Center prior to the day of the event.

While I must admit, I’m more of a “watch the National Weather Service on Twitter” sort of gal, there’s one thing you absolutely must watch out for when it comes to potential mates.

If they get their news from a Facebook weatherman, you know there’s something wrong with them. College they root for I’ve never understood why this is such a divisive thing in Oklahoma.

Duplicate Ticket Policy Duplicate tickets may be requested due to the following situations which include but are not limited to: tickets not received in the mail from the OSU Ticket Office, tickets which are lost, stolen, washed, destroyed or lost via 3rd party mailing.

Written documentation from the original account holder is needed to change contact information on an account.

For those tickets purchased from Ticketmaster: What is Will-Call?