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But if you already have recurring tasks in your Outlook system that are based on due dates (or have no dates), they do not work with MYN Outlook configurations.

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A new task is magically created in your tasks list, and the date is set to the subsequent Thursday.This keeps going on forever, unless you set an end date in the dialog above.Rather, be sure to fully delete and then fully reenter the tasks; then they will work fine with MYN. Otherwise, recurring tasks are an excellent tool to use with MYN.Two Kinds of Recurring Tasks in Windows Outlook, One in Mac Outlook Probably the most confusing aspect of Outlook recurring tasks is that, in Windows, there are really two kinds of recurring tasks, and understanding the recurring task.This works especially well in our MYN configured Task Pad or To-Do Bar.

Since those views are date- and completion- filtered, after you mark the task complete it disappears, and it only reappears when its new start date equals today.

The MYN Outlook system, as you may know, focuses on the start date of tasks, not the due date.

If you create new recurring tasks (created with a start date) all is fine.

Outlook’s implementation of recurring tasks is quite well done. Using Recurring Tasks with MYN Recurring tasks in Outlook work perfectly with the MYN system.

In fact, I think they work even better in the MYN-configured Outlook task list than in the out-of-box Outlook task setting.

An example of why you would create them might be a Monday status report that is due each week.