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The Palau government is exploring ways to try to stem the tide of Chinese tourists to the western Pacific Ocean archipelago and this week said the number of charter flights from China would be halved next month.

Residents of the archipelago, part of the larger island group of Micronesia, are baffled as to why Chinese travellers represented almost 62 per cent of all visitors in February -- up from 16 per cent in January last year.For businessman Du Chuang from Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province, it is because his increasingly wealthy countrymen are becoming more adventurous, smashing the stereotype of the herded package tour.† However, those persistent enough to visit Palau can unlock the rich history of a Palauan traditional culture swept into the middle of battles between the superpowers.Palau served as a hot middle ground between warring superpowers from the east Japan to the west United States.Chinese tourists are flocking to the remote Palau islands as China’s growing number of rich seek new frontiers abroad, but not everyone in the Micronesian paradise is happy about it.

Strapped into life-jackets and screaming with excitement, groups of boisterous Chinese thrill-seekers tear around Palau’s “Milky Way” lagoon on a flotilla of speedboats -- a spectacle unfamiliar to locals just a few months ago.“This is a very sudden influx, so we are trying to understand the situation” said Nanae Singeo, managing director of the Palau Visitors Authority, the local tourist board.“We have never experienced this much tourism before and the magnitude is really giving us a lot of pressure.“We are not seeing a growth rate to match the number of visitors,” said Singeo.“Tourists are up 34 per cent so technically we should see economic benefits at the rate of 30 per cent or more, but that’s not the case.” ‘They wreck corals’ On the streets of Koror, some accused Chinese people of being noisy and disrespectful towards the environment.Residents have also accused Chinese tourists of being responsible for the deaths of some jellyfish at the natural wonder “Jellyfish Lake”.